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The nature feeds the taste
From a traditional recipe borns a product line of unique taste, in which the flavour of the organic eggs meets selected ingredients, also from organic origin.

The Frittata ready-to-eat.

La Frittatosa la frittata golosa

The strength point of the Pascolo Quality Food is the care at the reaserch. The new ideas are being developed with a solid statement: create products of high quality from organic eggs.

Taste and Research

The primary investment is just the reaserch and development department, where new project are built and where is studied every aspect of the authencity of the used ingredients, from nutritional facts, to the preparation and the ease of consumption. The production is made in controlled environments and under high hygenic standards in a controlled atmosphere.

La frittatosa
The Frittatosa is made
with organic eggs,
from range-free hens
fed only with natural
products to the sound
of classical music..
Famiglia Pascolo image

The young Sebastiano Pascolo, second generation of the family, had the intuition of making a new brand for the production of organic egg based products from the main company.

From father to son

The vision of the future and the resoucefulness of its creator makes this new company a starting point to gain a market that still has to be discovered. Here a new product line borns, the answear at the market request of organic ready meals, without preservatives, for the feeding of the whole family. The adding of other ingredient, also from organic origin, makes them even tasty, inviting and offers the certainty of bringing to the table a genuine ad delicious product.

La frittatosa